Animation Foundation Course

Students will learn and apply the 12 principles of animation to create compelling individual animation projects, where they can design backgrounds and animate characters of their choice. Step by step lessons are taught using Krita, a free open source painting program used by professional animators. This Animation Art Mentorship program touches on traditional animation techniques but is taught digitally so students can enjoy the efficiencies of using digital animation shortcuts! 

If students don’t have any digital painting experience, I highly suggest taking the “Digital Art Foundation” before this course.

这门9周的课程主要是教授学生如何使用免费软件 Krita 去制作动画。理解什么是动画十二原理,以及如何正确的运用十二原理去制作有趣而生动的简单动画

建议如果没有任何电脑绘画经验的学生先上“Digital Art Foundation Course”。

If the enrollment is less than 3 students, the class might be temporarily cancelled until the minimum number is met. Sorry for the inconvenience



Duration: 1.5 hours course | 8 weeks

Fee: $185

Equipment for Animation Foundation Course:

Program: Krita for PC / Android / Mac (free)

You’ll need a Tablet / Smartphone / iPad with Drawing Stylus or Computer / Laptop with Drawing Tablet

For the best digital art experience, we recommend connecting with a mic so our teacher may provide instant live feedback. Students may show their work through the screen share function