Digital Art Foundation

Learn the fundamental digital art skills needed to create backgrounds, character art, realistic objects and more. Break out your computer, tablet or iPad and discover art beyond paper in this live online art class, suitable for beginners!

Class demonstrations are done live using Krita, a free digital painting app we recommend, especially if you’re new to digital art, so you can follow along step by step. Otherwise, digital art students may work in the program of their choice as long as they are familiar with the basic tools.

If the enrollment is less than 3 students, the class might be temporarily cancelled until the minimum number is met. Sorry for the inconvenience



Duration: 2 hours class | 8 weeks

Fee: $240

Equipment for Digital Art Classes:

Program: Krita for PC / Android / Mac (free)

You’ll need a Tablet / Smartphone / iPad with Drawing Stylus or Computer / Laptop with Drawing Tablet

For the best digital art experience, we recommend connecting with a mic so our teacher may provide instant live feedback. Students may show their work through the screen share function