Registration & Fee Policies

How to Register 如何报名参加课程:

1 找到你或你孩子合适的班级也可微信联系老师询问合适的班级 (wechat: huangcheng1347 或直接查询电话 647-719-1347)

2 通过微信或电话联系我们。我们会问一些孩子的基本信息 (年龄,性别以及之前的画作)

3 安排试听

Missed Classes 关于缺课 :

Every lesson is prepared individually, and we work very hard to accommodate everybody’s schedule. Each student allowed only two missing classes by informing HIARTCLASS at least 24 hours prior to your class time. The students may receive two make-up classes per session. No Fee will be refunded for missed classes.


Fee Policy 关于学费 :

For in-person classes, the tuition fee will be charged for each term, each term lasts at least 3 months. We accept payment on each term of $30 since Oct. 1st, 2020 for 2-hour class

线下课:从2020年10月1号开始,每3个月月初交一次学费 2-hour class :$30 .

FAMILY DISCOUNT: If you have two or more children in our program, deductions can be made as follows: 10% off the second child (In-person class ONLY!)

家庭折扣 :如果您有超过一个孩子参加我们的课程,第二个孩子的学费有额外10% off的折扣